Made by Stuck in a Lift Studios, a team of three game design students, for Ludum Dare Jam #38, K.R.A.B.S (Killer Robotic Aquatic Battle Shockers) is a fast paced action game for two players on the same keyboard built in unity in just under 72 hours.
We ran out of time for adding instructions for starting. Both players have to press the fire button to move past the instruction screen and again to begin. This is something we are working on improving.

The objective is to be the player with the most energy pellets before the time runs out. You can shoot at the other player to make them drop half of their collected pellets, and each player has a shield that can protect them.

We're looking for any and all feedback, especially suggestions on how to make the gameplay better as it just seems to be lacking something right now and we're not too sure what's wrong. I'm working on polishing the graphics as well as animating the player avatars, which again is something we didn't have enough time to finish during the jam.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I really hope you will take the time to experience our game.

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